About this Blog

The number one rule of all successful investors is “don’t lose money”.   The second rule is “see rule number one”.   You probably already knew that.   My third rule is to always be learning, adapting and improving.   One can always become better  at investing.

In this blog, I will share theories, concepts, thoughts and experiences on how to compose an investment discipline that  would best suit you. You will learn how to manage risks, how to choose better trades based on market selection, direction, timing, volatility and pricing, when and why to opt for one investment strategy or another, how to adjust when things go wrong. I will show you how to become a profitable investor by applying an eclectic mindset to investing.

I’m also writing a book on how to invest eclectically, which is the theme of this blog; therefore, if you have any doubts or suggestions regarding the subject or any of the posts.  I’d appreciate your feedback.   I’m open to suggestions on what you would like to read about.