What to learn in order to succeed? My Advice to a College Student

Ben Franklin, the founder of The University of Pennsylvania (my alma mater), said “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Recently I was asked: “what is the best major to study in college in order to become rich?” The answer is the usual “it depends”. One does not need a college degree to generate […]

Can you time the market?

This is the million dollar question; sorry, I meant the billion dollar question (have to adjust for the quantitative easing effect). Many believe it can be done and many believe it cannot. I think that timing the market is a matter of perspective. I’m not going to debate whether timing the market is doable or […]

Value Investing using options… a covered strangle example

In this post I’ll be talking about a value investment strategy we implement using options at the hedge fund I manage.   Please be aware that I am NOT soliciting any business for my hedge fund.   This article is just being used as an example for educational purposes only.    The following content was […]

Overcoming the fear of investing

I was recently asked this question “how do you overcome the fear of investing?” To overcome the fear of investing, I usually do the following steps: 1) Identify the cause of the insecurity. 2) Do research. Know more about the issue than when I started. 3) Analyze the potential outcomes. 4) Ask myself if I […]