Crossing the street blindfolded

Have you ever considered crossing a busy street blindfolded while talking on your cellphone? This is what a lot of investors do during their investing life. Some get to cross the street unharmed due to dumb luck, but most will get side swiped and bruised, and some will even get run over and never recover. […]

Holiday Investing

This is probably your busiest time of the year.  There are many distractions requiring your time: parties, shopping, decorating your home, etc.   One of the most enjoyable to me is to find new investment ideas for the new year.    A lot of investors take this time to evaluate their portfolios, prune out the positions that […]

Eclectic Learning – Absorbing knowledge like a sponge

Have you ever wondered why some people learn things faster than others? It has to do with your brain power and also the amount of body of knowledge one can use to relate to new concepts. Maybe you can’t control the amount of brain power you were born with, but you can definitely work on […]

What to learn in order to succeed? My Advice to a College Student

Ben Franklin, the founder of The University of Pennsylvania (my alma mater), said “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Recently I was asked: “what is the best major to study in college in order to become rich?” The answer is the usual “it depends”. One does not need a college degree to generate […]