Holiday Investing

This is probably your busiest time of the year.  There are many distractions requiring your time: parties, shopping, decorating your home, etc.   One of the most enjoyable to me is to find new investment ideas for the new year.    A lot of investors take this time to evaluate their portfolios, prune out the positions that […]

Value Investing using options… a covered strangle example

In this post I’ll be talking about a value investment strategy we implement using options at the hedge fund I manage.   Please be aware that I am NOT soliciting any business for my hedge fund.   This article is just being used as an example for educational purposes only.    The following content was […]

Don’t lose money, know the differences between a PUT and a STOP loss

On a previous post titled “How to sleep well when holding an overbought stock?” I received a comment stating that having a PUT was the same as having a STOP loss. This is NOT correct. I’ll use this post to explain the differences. A PUT is an option to sell a stock within a window […]

How to sleep well when holding an overbought stock?

Ever wonder why some investors sleep well at night when markets are at all-time highs while others can’t? The eclectic investor is one of them; he sleeps well while the average investor worries. The reason is that the eclectic investor knows how to use insurance strategies in his portfolio. At some point in your investing […]