Overcoming the fear of investing

I was recently asked this question “how do you overcome the fear of investing?” To overcome the fear of investing, I usually do the following steps: 1) Identify the cause of the insecurity. 2) Do research. Know more about the issue than when I started. 3) Analyze the potential outcomes. 4) Ask myself if I […]

Entrepreneurship through acquisition

In a previous post I mentioned my reasons for owning a small business.  In this post I am going to review my preferred way of getting one. Many people believe that to become an entrepreneur one must start a business. This is not true. There is another option: buying it. I’ve done both. I’ve bought […]

Top 5 reasons for owning a business

When I was working as a management consultant at Bain & Co., I got married and decided to become an entrepreneur. Here are my top 5 reasons for having my own business: 1) I am in control 2) Better risk / reward on my investment 3) Improved work / life balance 4) Better business education […]