Holiday Investing

This is probably your busiest time of the year.  There are many distractions requiring your time: parties, shopping, decorating your home, etc.   One of the most enjoyable to me is to find new investment ideas for the new year.    A lot of investors take this time to evaluate their portfolios, prune out the positions that […]

Pruning your portfolio

I’m the kind of person who has trouble letting go of things.   In the investment world you must be methodical and calculating.  Never get attached to your investments.   Make sure you have a process to prune the nonperforming positions and replace them with investments that could provide you better returns. To prune my portfolio, I […]

Can you time the market?

This is the million dollar question; sorry, I meant the billion dollar question (have to adjust for the quantitative easing effect). Many believe it can be done and many believe it cannot. I think that timing the market is a matter of perspective. I’m not going to debate whether timing the market is doable or […]

Invest using a Fantasy Football Portfolio

Hi everyone, as I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m currently on vacation and will resume writing in the middle of September. While I’m away, I leave you with an excerpt of a note I wrote to my partners in Smart Income Partners in September of 2012. Here it is: As I was flipping thru […]

Business rhymes, a path to treasure

Be curious. Identify attributes of successful companies and keep an eye out for them repeating in other companies. What do I mean by this? When I invest, it is not enough to only review the financial statements. I’m on the lookout for, what I call “business rhymes”. These are characteristics of successful businesses that appear […]

Don’t lose money, know the differences between a PUT and a STOP loss

On a previous post titled “How to sleep well when holding an overbought stock?” I received a comment stating that having a PUT was the same as having a STOP loss. This is NOT correct. I’ll use this post to explain the differences. A PUT is an option to sell a stock within a window […]

The three stock investing styles that can make you money

During my eclectic investment journey, I’ve learned from three stock investment styles. They have become core members of my investment toolkit. These three styles have enabled me to confidently invest in equities. I have also applied them to other investments. By knowing and applying elements of each, I am able to find investment opportunities and […]

Checklist for picking dividend stocks

Imagine that you won $50MM from the lottery last night. What would you do with your winnings? Wouldn’t it be nice to own companies that generate consistent profits and that distribute dividends regularly to their shareholders? Suppose you took the $50MM in winnings and bought shares in dividend paying companies like McDonalds, Chevron, Microsoft, Johnson […]