Constant Improvement – Apple iPad Air

The 5th generation of the Apple iPad just went on sale yesterday. I can’t wait to get ahold of one. I still have my iPad 1st generation and it still gets used. Apple created and defined the tablet market. Now, 4 generations later, we get the iPad Air. It’s thinner, lighter and faster. Ok, what else? Hmmm, not much has changed in terms of functionality since my first iPad. Then again, what has changed in automobile technology in the last 40 years? Cars still have 4 wheels, an engine that generates power to propel them over roads. The engine might be electric now, but it is still an engine. What’s different in cars is the design, more modern engines and the interior features. Maybe, they can drive themselves (Google Car), but they still have 4 wheels, have an engine and still move on roads. Same happens with Apple’s tablets; the iPad Air is still is a tablet like its first generation, except it is now thinner, lighter and a faster. Is it innovative? Not anymore. Would it sell? We’ll know this X’mas season. My bet is that it will. I want one.

Is Apple losing its mojo because it hasn’t built a tablet killer yet? Has Ferrari or Porsche lost their mojo because they haven’t built cars that can fly? As an investor, I say it doesn’t matter. There will be next Google, Apple, Starbucks, etc. There will always be new investment ideas. There always is constant improvement in any marketplace. If businesses don’t improve constantly they will be replaced by others that do. There are always killer apps being invented. But for now Apple still is the king of tablets, and they will still be making a pretty penny until someone invents the next tablet killer. So, enjoy the upgrades, go out and buy an iPad Air.

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