Finding Time to Invest

I’m currently going thru a period where I’m very stretched for time. My days seem to go by very quickly. One of the things I realized is necessary to be a good eclectic investor is to have the luxury of time.

I don’t know what your situation is; you might have a job that takes up a 1/3 of your day, and the rest which takes up another 1/3 of your day. This leaves you only with 1/3 of a day (8 hours) for family exercise, eating, education, entertainment, transportation and other matters.

Where do you find time to invest? I basically quit my corporate job and freed up a whole 1/3 of a day. However, I know some people might not be as courageous to do that kind of move. Here is a list of suggestions on where to find time to invest:

1) Become more efficient at absorbing information. Take a speed reading class.

2) Use your commute time effectively. Listen to audio books.

3) Use your exercise time. Listen to audio books or watch CNBC or think about potential investments.

4) Use your vacations and be curious about businesses. When travelling on vacation, take some time to look around. See how business is done in other countries. Take a tour of a factory (Boeing gives tours to their 777 factory in Seattle)

5) Learn from your work. You probably get a lot of new ideas while at work. Just make sure that you don’t use any inside information, or have conflict of interest with your employer.

6) Wake up at 5am. This gets you to an extra hour or so, and will force you to not spend time watching late night TV.

I hope this was useful. Sorry, my time has run out. Thanks for reading. Please post any questions in the comment section. Happy eclectic investing.

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