The Eclectic Investor – book writing process

My goal for this blog is write around two posts a week for the next 60 to 70 weeks.  This will give us around 120 to 140 posts.  If the average post is 500 works, that gives around 60,000 to 70,000 words of content.   Not all content will be used (e.g. this post that your currently reading) in the book, plus there will be editing.   The final product should be a book between 40,000 to 50,000 words.

Let me describe the process that I’ll be using to write The Eclectic Investor.    I tend to write things in a non-linear way.  This means that I write subjects as I am thinking about them.   I jump around ideas as I write.  One day I could be thinking about my real estate investments so I would write about that.  Another day I could be buying value stocks, and I would write about that.   Of course, I think about options every day since I’m running the hedge fund.   Therefore, I’m warning you that as I’m writing this book the blog posts will be jumping around topics and chapters might be writing in out of sequence.

Drawing from days as a consultant at Bain, I’ve always like to use a framework to think about things.  To develop the outline we should always go back to my kindergarten questions.   The basic questions I used to drive my mom and dad up a wall with.   Five W’s and and H.  Everyone knows them:  WHAT, WHY, WHO, WHERE, WHEN and HOW.

We’ll need to answer:

1)      WHAT is eclectic investing?

2)      WHY invest eclectically?

3)      WHO invests eclectically?

4)      WHERE to invest?

5)      WHEN does to invest?

6)      HOW to invest eclectically?

The book, at the end of the day, needs to answer all six questions.  We should develop a working outline of subjects which might or might not become chapters in the book.   Once we have an outline, we will make the subject categories in the blog and group the blog post by the categories.   Then each week I will populate the categories with posts.

Now I need to give some thinking time to the outline and the eclectic investing framework.

As a side note, I need to think about another WHO.   Who is the audience for this book?   Who am I speaking to when writing this book?

I’ll post the working outline in the next post.  Thanks for reading.

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