Trading while on Vacation?

Hi everyone. I just got back from my trip and I’m back to my regular writing schedule. My wife manages a cruise agency, so, I get to take a cruise every year with her. This year we went to Alaska. It is a peaceful and relaxing place. It is my favorite place to visit. The air is fresh and the people are friendly. There are lots of things you can do to enjoy nature.



I’ve been asked if I trade while I’m on holiday. I don’t, especially if you are aboard a ship in Alaska with intermittent internet coverage. My long term portfolio is fine. I look at it on a monthly basis, so a vacation doesn’t really impact it. My options and short term portfolio do get tweaked prior to a trip.

Here’s what I do to the options and short term portfolio prior to leaving:

1) Reduce positions to the bare minimum, leaving only high probability trades.

2) Buy extra insurance.

3) Leave detailed instructions with my trading assistant on what to do if certain parameters change.

While on vacation, I did text my trading assistant to see if everything was going well. Everything was. So, I had no worries.

If you don’t have a trading assistant, I recommend going flat. Move everything to cash and go on holiday. You won’t have to worry about your trades, allowing you to relax and recharge. You won’t lose a thing; any opportunity cost will be made up when you get back refreshed. If you had left trades you would run the risk of taking losses while on vacation and would spoil it. Losing money while on vacation kills the mood. You might, as well, have stayed in the office and forfeited the vacation.

Thanks for reading the eclectic investor blog. Happy investing!

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