Welcome to the Eclectic Investor blog

First of all, I´d like to welcome you here and tell you a little of how this blog came about.

Last year I had a book published by Financial Times Press called ”The Option Trader’s Hedge Fund“. I joined forces and thoughts with a friend, Mark Sebastian, COO and Director of Education at Option Pit Mentoring and Consulting and Managing Editor for The Option Traders Journal. The result was a book about how to make money trading options using a framework of an insurance company. It was written technically and geared to a more advanced audience.  Therefore, I have decided that my next book would be written for new investors, the ones who are looking for options in which to invest but are not sure how to put all his investment strategies together.   Since this is a theme I have been asked many times  by several people with wide range of backgrounds, I considered starting to write for a larger audience.  Hence, the idea of putting up a blog came around.

I plan on posting entries at least twice a week.  I’ll be sharing theories, concepts, experiences and ideas regarding risk management, trade choices, market analysis, strategy differences, or any subject you´d like to read about.  So if you have any topic in mind, please contact me.

Thanks again for joining me and have a profitable investing day.


Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.